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Judith Flores

Judith Flores graduated in 2001 with a concentration in American Multicultural Studies. After completing her Master’s degree in Multicultural Education at CSUMB (while teaching and working for the Service Learning Institute) she was a Lecturer for two years at CSUMB. In 2004, she moved on to the University of Utah where she studied in the Education, Culture and Society program with Dr. Dolores Delgado Bernal. Graduating with her Ph.D. in Education, her dissertation was in part mentored by Dr. Rina Benmayor who helped her build on the knowledge gained at CSUMB. After a two-year Mellon post-doctorate at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA., she is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction and for the Honors College at New Mexico State University. She recently co-edited a special issue on Chican@/Latin@ Testimonios for Equity and Excellence in Education, and is currently co-editor of a forthcoming volume titled Crafting Critical Stories: Toward Pedagogies and Methodologies of Collaboration, Inclusion & Voice. As Judith recalls, "HCOM offered me the foundational tools to become a researcher, a teacher, and a self-reflexive community member. HCOM taught me that theory and praxis are inseparable and that teaching involves delving into our ways of knowing and an understanding of our lived experiences. ¡Gracias HCOM!"

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