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Mridula Mascarenhas

Dr. Mridula Mascarenhas is fascinated by collective sense-making processes, whether in small groups or in public discourse. Dr. Mascarenhas's scholarship and teaching are guided by a belief in dialogue and deliberation as counter-cultural ethics of communication. She loves helping students examine their own and others' communication assumptions and practices. 
Her recent scholarship has focused on the social media use of image memes for public argumentation and their impact in digital radicalization. She is also interested in rhetorical processes that underlie public discourses about religion. 
Dr. Mascarenhas earned her PhD in Rhetoric from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, along with a certificate in Rhetorical Leadership. 

She has served as the Chair of the Public Dialogue & Deliberation Division of the National Communication Association [from 2021-2022], and as the Book Review Editor for the Communication Center Journal [from 2020-2022]. She has also facilitated inter-race dialogue groups for California State University, Monterey Bay. 



Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Ethics
Department of Humanities & Communication

Office Location CAHSS 504-2121
Office Hours By appointment
Areas of Expertise

Rhetoric, Argumentation, Dialogue & Deliberation, Communication Ethics, Public Discourse, Religious Rhetoric, Public Sense-Making through Image Memes

Courses Taught

HCOM 321 Introduction to Rhetoric & Culture
HCOM 312 Deliberation and Advocacy
HCOM 423 Religion & Rhetoric
HCOM 110 Fundamentals of Speaking & Listening

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