College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Humanities and Communication

Fall 2013 Capstones

  • Professor Ernest Stromberg

    While most, but not all, people are born biologically male or female, cultures shape what it means to be "man" or a "woman" in a given society. This Capstone seminar will examine and critique the ways in which the meanings of gender are constructed historically, philosophically, legally, and aesthetically in the United States and in select global contexts. We will give careful attention to the ways in which gender assignments convey social, economic, and political value and power. We will consider cultural responses to transgressions of gender norms. Analysis of sexuality and sexual norms will be considered as central to an understanding of gender roles. The following are among the questions we can anticipate exploring in this seminar: How are we taught what it means to be a woman or a man? What might a gender equitable society look like? What obstacles remain to be overcome on the path to a more gender equitable society? Why do transgressions of gender and sexual "norms" frequently provoke strong reactions? What are the consequences of rigid gender and sexual norms for men and women?

    Senior projects

    • Alvarado, Stephanie (Chicano/Chicana Studies), “A Traves De Su Mirada”
    • Avila, Belinda (Practical and Professional Ethics), “America: Home of the Brave, Land of the Not-So-Free”
    • Bartley, Zachary Amos (English Subject Matter Preparation), “Masculinity, Homophobia, and Teaching Resistant Reading and Feminist Literary Theory in the Classroom
    • Beals, Jennifer A. (Pre-Law), “Legal Services Our Seniors Seek In Relation to Gender and Equality”
    • Burns, Brandon John (Literary and Film), “Uniform”
    • Chaples, Rachel Elizabeth (Journalism), “Take Shelter. Soledad Street.”
    • Colton, Ashely Lauren (Practical and Professional Ethics), “Marissa Mayer: Wife, Mother, Revolutionary”
    • Conway, Nicole Marie (Pre-Law), “Homeless Women in Monterey County”
    • Davis, Blake Ryan (Practical and Professional Ethics), “The McSUAV CREW”
    • Delman, Joshua Elliot (Single Subject English/ Pre-Law), “Gender Stereotyping in Young Adult Literature”
    • Fontana, Gabriella Elizabeth (English Subject Matter Preparation), “Male Dominated Society: A Look at the Selectivity of Gender and Sexuality in Lord of the Flies”
    • Gonzales, Allison Lynn (Journalism and Media Studies), “Gender: Be You”
    • Hawkins, Charity N. (Pre-Law/Africana Studies), “Who Wears The Pants? An Examination of Gender Roles in African American Communities”
    • Leal, Chloe Maalani (Practical and Professional Ethics), “Gender: Be You”
    • Newton I, Leticia Micaela (Pre-Law), “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: The Military’s Approach on Sexual Assualt”
    • Quartararo, Maseume, (Journalism and Media Studies), “Gender Roles, and Media Influences?”
    • Schlesinger-James, Gabriella M. (Pre-Law), “Men Can Stand Up Above Violence”
    • Senghor, Abdoulaye Tanou (Peace Studies), “Men Can Stand Up Above Violence”
    • Shefflette, Thomas Clark (Pre-Law), “Men Can Stand Up Above Violence”
    • Toler, Chris Michael (Creative Writing and Social Action), “Men Can Stand Up Above Violence”
    • Wilson, Benjamin Louis (Creative Writing ad Social Action), “Falling Astronauts: Masculinity in the Speculative Fiction of Barry N. Malzberg
  • Professor Estella Porras

    "Generation Y," "milennium generation," "digital natives," and other labels try to grasp the meaning of being young today. We see young faces leading protests, inventing new trends, seeking to be understood, and finding expression with music, art, in social networks, and using technology as their second nature. Youth is synonymous of freshness and high expectations, but also it is a time in life of deep transformations, of finding one selves. In our capstone seminar we will engage in analysis and criticism about what to be young means in this country and in this region, particularly in times when the promise for a better future --at least in economic terms-- seems elusive. The seminar will wrestle with questions such as: How do young people find their voice and create their identities? How do they build meaningful connections and a sense of belonging? How do they define their roles as learners, citizens, consumers, users, and producers of media? How do youth become agents of social change in their local and global communities?

    Senior projects

    • Augusta, Anita M. (English Subject Matter Preparation), “Reading Challenge: Teens and the Classics”
    • Banks, Tina L. (Creative Writing and Social Action), “Bullying Over the Years: A Past and Present Look at Teenage Bullying”
    • Federman, Ethan D. (Creative Writing and Social Action), “Octopus Interpretation, Youth Education: Implementing Education and Entertainment Tools from the Monterey Bay Aquarium”
    • Ferreira, Nicholas A. (Creative Writing and Social Action), “Their Youth: Three Short Stories”
    • Fields, Kylie L. (Journalism and Media Studies), “Girls at Peace: Having a Positive Body Image”
    • Foreman, Ryan A. (Multicultural American Studies), “Children of Tough Economic Times”
    • Fornshell, Barra A. L. (Journalism and Media Studies), “Expectations of the Millennial Generation”
    • Galzerano, Guy D. (Creative Writing), “Contrasting Generations within our Musical Nation”
    • Girard, Daniel L. (Practical and Professional Ethics), “Life Skills on the Links”
    • Gomes, Ethan W. (Journalism and Media Studies), “Digital Revolution: A Blog on Youth Social Media”
    • Gulbinas, Blaine C. (Literature and Film Studies), “A ‘Renaissance’ Exploration”
    • Hale, Chelsey M. (Practical and Professional Ethics), “Youth Restoring Justice”
    • Hutchinson, Gabrielle D. (English Subject Matter Preparation), “Under the Surface: An Alchemical Look into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”
    • Luna, Marina (Journalism and Media Studies), “Youth in Salinas: Beyond the Media Stereotype”
    • Merz, Megan N. (Practical and Professional Ethics), “The Colors of Family”
    • Osifeso, Mojola O. (Journalism and Media Studies), “Youth Speaks: A Collaborative Journalistic Project Made by Youth for Youth”
    • Pena Sr., Oscar V. (English Subject Matter Prep), “Teaching Millennials with Technology: Working Together for a Better Future”
    • Ramirez, Silvia V. (Pre-Law), “Youth Solutions: Safe Teens Empowerment Project in Salinas”
    • Robarge, Katie M. (English Subject Matter Preparation), “Developing New Reading Habits to Improve English Learning”
    • Rodriguez, Jose (Pre-Law), “The New Target of Advertising: The Millennial Generation”
    • Ryan, Christine E. (Writing and Rhetoric), “The Romance Genre and Media’s Influence on the Way Adolescents View and Act in Romantic Relationships”
    • Scott, Britnee L. (Practical and Professional Ethics), “Finding Rich Soil in Your Own Backyard”
    • Scott, Nicole B. (Practical and Professional Ethics), “False Image of Teen Pregnancy”
    • Will, Gregory J. (Journalism and Media Studies), “Dissecting and Resisting Advertisement: Children Using Media Literacy Tools”
    • Yang, Golee (Practical and Professional Ethics), “You Otter Cross Cultures: Celebrating Identities"