College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Humanities and Communication

Fall 2011 Capstones

Professor Josina Makau

This semester’s theme will be Human Flourishing in a Globally Interdependent World. We will share common instructional resources, and explore diverse areas of inquiry related to the theme, including relationships of human flourishing to communication ethics, education, environmental issues, scientific inquiry, the arts, pursuits of justice, and human rights, among others.

Senior projects

  • Ryan Eller (History, Oral History and New Media), "Ikigai and Human Flourishing: A Comparative Study of Normative Frameworks Regarding Living and Doing Well"
  • Alexis Garcia (Literary and Film Studies), "Culinary Traditions and Human Flourishing: Reflections on the Authenticity and Assimilation of Mediterranean Cuisine in the United States"
  • Riana Hardin (Peace Studies), "Our World: Peace as a Globally Interdependent Goal"
  • Valerie Hulburt (Practical and Professional Ethics), "A Body of Art"
  • Darcy Lake (Practical and Professional Ethics), "Building Relationships: How Otter Athletics Promote Human Flourishing for Student-Athletes and the Community at Large"
  • Molly Lasicka (Practical and Professional Ethics), "Where Have All the Flowers Gone? A Philosophical Analysis of the Disappearance of Protest Music in the Post 9/11 United States"
  • Grant Leonard (Literary and Film Studies), "Supreme Values: Gun Control, Value Hierarchies, and a Five to Four Court Decision"
  • Maria Martinez (English Subject Matter Preparation), "Multicultural Education in America"
  • Nathan Pena (Peace Studies), "Portrayal of the French in American Media: A Case Study of the Obstacles and Pathways to Human Flourishing"
  • Jerennina Angeles Piguing (Pre-Law), "Arise the Voices: A Story of the Lack of Human Flourishing in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico"
  • Adam Pinterits (Pre-Law/Writing and Rhetoric), "Monterey Represented: Community Voice in California"
  • Leanne Schroyer (Women's Studies), "Gender Norms and Human Flourishing: The Case of Women in India Today"
  • Fanny Shives "Fairness and the Diversity Lottery"
  • Susana Silva (Journalism and Media Studies), "An Exploration of Alcohol Addiction: Understanding and Preventing the Tragedy of Abuse"
  • Jonaiza Simbre (Journalism and Media Studies/Creative Writing and Social Action), "An Outlook to Flourishing: A Prospect to Aspiring Dreams in Media"
  • Emily Stockman, "National Healing: The First Step to Conflict Resolution"
  • Cristina Thomas (Practical and Professional Ethics), "Flourishing in an Inter-dependent World Through Social Media"
  • Elizabeth Warner (Creative Writing and Social Action), "Farmworkers' Interests in the Methyl Iodide Debate: A Case Study in the Role of Voice in Human Flourishing"