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Christy Khoshaba

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Christy Khoshaba graduated with a concentration in Journalism and Media Studies in 2011. At CSUMB she was the HCOM Peer Advisor and worked with more than 120 students to create their class schedules. She went on to UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, where she focused on multimedia journalism. She had the opportunity to travel to China and produce a mini-documentary on the Chinese college entrance exam for The New York Times, as well as other videos on US-China relations for The Washington Post.

From UC Berkeley, she went on to work for the entertainment department at Los Angeles Times. There, she hosts a bi-weekly celebrity web series. She researches the day's trending stories, writes scripts, gathers photo/video assets and presents the final product in studio. She admits, sometimes celebrity news can be silly! But that type of news can also be fun. At the Los Angeles Times, Christy also works on the entertainment section’s website. Her goal is to drive readers to the site and keep them there, by creating photo galleries, graphics and additional blog posts. It's a job that's taught her how to maximize a story's viewership and reach in the digital and social arena.

The roots of her reporting go back to The Otter Realm. She says the skills she obtained gave her confidence in print reporting and furthered her appetite for journalism. The information she gained within her courses also made an impact. "I learned about media studies, gender studies, law, literature, activism and history while noting the importance of empathy," she says. "That knowledge has provided me with a primer I use today within my own class discussions and when I’m out reporting." Adding: "I encourage students to pick this major for its thoughtful curriculum, its flexibility in countless courses, and its supportive professors who will be there for you beyond graduation."