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Graduate School Advisors

There are several kinds of advisors in graduate school. You can find a list of academic advisor contact information at the CSUMB Advising Center.

Academic advisor: This person helps you navigate the program so that you take the right courses and the right number of units to graduate on time. They can help you understand the graduate program requirements.  This person might be the program coordinator, the program director, or a faculty person assigned to advise you.

Thesis advisor:  If your culminating experience is a thesis project, this person is the mentor who guides your progress toward completing a compelling and publishable research project. This advisor chairs your thesis committee. The committee is the body that approves your written thesis.

Internship or clinical supervisor:  If your culminating experience is a comprehensive exam, a clinical project or Professional Master of Science internship, you will have a supervisor or instructor who evaluates your progress and probably signs a form stating that you satisfactorily completed your work, while ensuring the internship or project is a meaningful learning experience for you.  A clinical supervisor will help you to develop the knowledge and skills required by the regulatory authority for your particular discipline, as well as your personal learning goals.