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General Information 

All approved invoices, payment requests or reimbursement requests, etc., need to be submitted accurately, with supporting documentation, 15-20 working days in advance of payment, as issuance of payment is dependent on workload and must meet Net 30 days payment terms.

Travel Advances, as part of the Request for Approval of Travel (RAT), need to be submitted at least 10 working days prior to commencement of travel, in order to receive the travel advance. See the Travel Website for more information. At year-end, depending on workload, there may be further delays and the requirements are different. Please refer to the Year-End Memo as issued by Finance annually.

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Employees are able to receive electronic payment for Cash Advances (Salary and Travel) and Reimbursements (Personal, Travel and Petty Cash). See the instructions on the Direct Deposit (Non-Payroll) web page.

Remember to do's when processing an invoice for payment



  • List the related purchase order number and chartstring to voucher; chartstring needs to be the same as PO, and amount not over the PO amount or PO balance remaining.• Attach authorized MOUs, service agreements and contracts as related.
  • For software purchases require maintenance and service agreements
  • Rental agreements
  • Itemized original receipts if requesting reimbursement.
  • Group payments, need a listing of the attendees (a signed listing of attendees is preferred), and announcement stating when held and where, and why there was a group function. Need a description of the event.
  • Credit memos; if reducing payment on an invoice by the amount of a credit memo
  • ‘PO Exception Notice’ agreement with Procurement if not following payment matrix
  • Memberships/subscriptions and dues need to be in the name of the university and the title of the individual receiving them. Provide dates the membership/subscription is covered.
  • Invoices for advertising require the tear sheets be attached
  • Moving relocation contract
  • Explanation of stipends
  • Justification of purchases that are not usually permitted i.e. over dollar limits, etc.
  • *Computations on taxation: i.e. sales tax and use tax (on goods), State and Federal withholdings (on services), and tax exemptions (State and Federal).

*If planning to do business with a foreign vendor, non-resident alien (NRA), you need to contact Procurement prior to doing business. It takes awhile, at least 30 working days, to get all the tax forms from the vendor for review. Once a determination is made, it is either denied or set up in the system (CFS) any applicable tax reporting and withholdings. The foreign vendor will need to be advised of possible tax withholding in the contract and notified of the tax form requirements. See the Tax Website.

Food following:

For information see Accounts Payable Checklist for End Users

Gift card procedure

Departments must first acquire permission from the Director of Accounting to purchase gift cards and provide the purpose of the purchase. Since the purchase of gift cards are restricted and only permitted under certain circumstances, the Accounting Department needs to review that the purchase is appropriate for the purpose prior to doing such.


The purchase of stamps is restricted and requires approval by the Director of Accounting. The Mail Room may have other options available than buying postage stamps.

Cell Phone Reimbursement and Direct Deposit

Please contact Charlotte Melendrez with any questions at (831) 582-4415 or