Operations Support and Innovation

The Operations Support and Innovation (OSI) Department supports the campus community in the use of the Administration and Finance Division's systems.

For example:

CFS 9.2 Fluid Phase II Upgrade

On April 27, 2020, the Common Financial System (CFS) will undergo an update to the CFS Homepage (Fluid User Interface -Phase II) .

The two main objectives of this release are:

  1. New enhancements to the CFS homepage
  2. Discontinue classic menu

In preparation for this release, CFS users are advised to move their current custom homepage links (tiles) to one of the new user defined homepages by April 23rd.

Please follow the instructions in this document to complete this action item by April 23rd.

Beginning April 27th, CFS users will experience a brand new homepage upon login. To assist with these changes, the Chancellor Office has created an online video explaining the new features of the CFS homepage. We also have a FAQ document below that you can refer to .

If you have any further questions, please contact us at