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Business and Support Services

California State University Monterey Bay's (CSUMB's) Office of Business and Support Services is comprised of: Procurement, Contracts, and Asset Management/Property. They are under Art Evjen, Director Business and Support Services.

Business and Support Services is committed to providing a program of best business practices, equal opportunity to vendors, full accountability for the use of public funds and in providing a safe campus environment.

Important Information Regarding Covid-19 and Contracts

In the event that an event or service needed to be cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, and penalty fees are to be assessed, please refer to the following language from our General Council to enforce the "force majure" clause in our contracts:

As a result of this international crisis and in response to recommended mitigation measures, the California State University has suspended all non-essential travel and cancelled our events, including those scheduled at [location] from [dates]. The contract allows us to terminate for cause in the event of “acts of God, war, government regulation, terrorism, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, or any other emergency of a comparable nature beyond the party's control that in each case make it illegal or impossible to perform its obligations under this Agreement. We are exercising our right to terminate the contract for cause as a result of this national emergency. Please confirm that the hotel will refund all deposits and/or prepayments made by the CSU per the terms of the contract.

Mission statement

The Department of Business and Support Services provides core services related to procurement, asset management/property, and contract administration. These services support the university's academic mission and vision. We accomplish this through performance, innovation and communication with our campus community and business partners.

  • Procurement
  • Contracts
  • Asset Management/Property

What's New?

Vendor Onboarding

Procurement is now exclusively using Paymentworks for vendor on-boarding. Any CSUMB employee with an OtterID can automatically login at the link below:


* Please note, the VDR STD 204 form is no longer accepted

PaymentWorks Quick Guide
Download document

CSU Travel and Hospitality Policies

See the Accounting Webpage for Travel Policies and Procedures

Business Ops Forum Presentation

Contracts - VDRs - Updates 2016
Download document
Contracts - Updates 2017
Download document

24 Factor Test

The "24 Factor Test" will help you in determining if someone should be hired on as a Special Consultant or an Independent Contractor.

24 Factor Test
Download document

Updated ProCard Holder Schedule

ProCard Holder Schedule FY20-21
Download document
Declining Balance Schedule
Download document

Cell Phone Reimbursement and Direct Deposit

Cell Phone Agreement Form (Fillable)
Download document
Cell Phone Program Guidelines
Download document
Cell Phone Program Procedures
Download document
Employee Direct Deposit Authorization
Download document

For any questions please contact Director of Business and Support Services:

Art Evjen (831) 582-3394


(831) 582-5312
(831) 582-4430