Name Department Phone Number

Jennifer Andrew

AACSB and Marketing Analyst

College of Business 831-582-4328

Jeffrey Froshman

Special Consultant

College of Business 831-234-9009

Babita Gupta

Special Consultant

College of Business 831-582-4186

Jennifer Hinds

Administrative Support Coordinator

College of Business 831-582-5228

Maj-Britt Kimm

Special Consultant

College of Business

Tasha Lindstrom

Senior Administrative Analyst

College of Business 831-582-5222

Marylou Shockley

Interim Dean of the College of Business

College of Business 831-582-5218

Paige Viren

Executive Director of Sustainable Hospitality Management Program

College of Business 831-582-3725

Karen Wisdom

Special Consultant

College of Business 831-582-3059

Student Services

Admissions: 831-582-3738

Campus Service Center: 831-582-5100 | enrollment and payment

Financial Aid: 831-582-5100

Student Housing: 831-582-3378

Emergency Information

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: 831-655-0268

Emergency Conditions: 831-582-5044

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