College of Health Sciences and Human Services

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Diversity Celebration Series: Mental Health Awareness Month

The College of Health Sciences and Human Services will virtually host Esmé Weijun Wang, novelist and essayist, to speak about her journey with mental health and living with Lyme Disease.

May 4, 2021

5:30pm 7:00pm

Zoom Link TBA

10th Annual NAACP @ CSUMB Black History Month General Membership Meeting

CHSHS is proud to partner with the Center for Black Student Success and Black Students United to host the 10th Annual NAACP/CSUMB Black History Month General Membership Meeting. The Monterey County NAACP will be honoring students, faculty/staff, and the Ben Jealous family during their awards ceremony.

Diversity Celebration Series - World AIDS Day: Applying Lessons Learned from HIV to COVID-19

Francisco Ruiz of the CDC and Dr. Scott Rhodes, Professor of Social Science and Health Policy at Wake Forest join us to identify ways to approach the COVID-19 pandemic using lessons learned from HIV/AIDS over the last four decades.

Diversity Celebration Series -Rural Health Day & Scholarship Month: Building a Diverse Health and Human Services Workforce

CHSHS welcomes Dr. Joan Reede, Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Partnership at Harvard Medical School, as we discuss building diversity and equity into the health and human services workforce.

Diversity Celebration Series - Infectious Disease Week: Understanding and Mitigating Emerging Pandemics

CHSHS welcomed Sonia Shah, investigative journalist and award-winning author of "Pandemic" & "The Fever", to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons we can apply to the global response to future infectious diseases.

Diversity Celebration Series - Hispanic Heritage Month: Protecting Civil Rights and Wellbeing by Building Identity

For the first time, Dr. José Angel Gutiérrez, one of the founders of La Raza Unida Party will meet Eduardo Chávez, grandson of César Chávez and filmmaker of "Hailing César" to delve into César Chávez's legacy and modern civic engagement.

College of Health Sciences and Human Services Student Mixer

Join the College of Health Sciences and Human Services Fall 2020 Student Mixer to meet CHSHS staff, professors, and fellow students at the beginning of the semester!

New Date: How to Support Your CSUMB Student (Español)

CHSHS Dean Rios-Ellis is hosting a Zoom in Spanish for parents and others who support and/or live with college students to provide them with information about COVID-19 as well as share effective ways in which to help students through stressful times