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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Welcome to the faculty resources subpage! On this page, you will find supportive resources related to classroom technologies, adopting new technologies, course evaluations, and textbook identification resources. 

New Faculty Support & Training

For new faculty, get started with the New Faculty Items handbook. This interactive guide will provide you with information about logging into CSUMB systems, using Zoom and Canvas, accessing OASIS for viewing your class schedule and roster, getting ready for teaching, using the classroom technology, and even more supportive resources.

Classroom Technologies

Need help? Classroom technology support is available by phone at (831) 582-3755 or by text messaging (831) 308-0202 between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm on weekdays. This contact information is posted at every instructor teaching station along with a troubleshooting checklist.

Use the following knowledgebase articles below for additional information and support:

Get help (CAT homepage)
Classroom Support Standards
Installation and Upgrades
Zoom in the classrooms
Equipment Check-out
Zoom Phone Guide

Digital Badges

The Center for Academic Technologies (CAT) team offers Digital Badges through Canvas Credentials (Badgr). Badges will be available for various institutional programs, courses, competencies, certificates, and professional development completion. Visit the Digital Badges informational page for details.

New Technologies

CAT runs pilots for new technologies, and some are even incentivized with pay! When the university adopts a new technology, we review it for accessibility, privacy, and security. Have a new technology to pilot? Reach out to us with the details at

Course Evaluations

Need information about your course evaluation results? Check out the course evaluations page.

Textbook Identification

Need to identify your textbook so that the bookstore carries it for your students? Learn more about the textbook identification process.