Center for Academic Technologies

Digital Accessibility

The Basics

As you explore this site and learn more about digital accessibility, you may wonder how to make your content easier for everyone to use. No matter what your role is on campus, start with one basic accessibility skill. Once you feel comfortable with one skill, start learning another, and keep growing your knowledge.

This is a good first step and contributes to creating a more inclusive, accessible, and equitable environment for everyone on our campus and beyond.

Get started today by practicing with 7-core skills that improve your content for accessibility!  

  1. Alternative text

  2. Color and Contrast

  3. Headings

  4. Links

  5. Lists

  6. Tables

  7. Video and audio

Keep the following in mind:

  • Gaining an accessibility skill set is something you have to put into practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes to automatically apply at the onset of creating. 

  • This is a continued practice and can change over time as technology evolves. Stay flexible, it will help you adapt.