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Artificial Intelligence & Higher Ed

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have made a splash in the headlines and raised faculty concerns about academic integrity and critical thinking in higher education. Take a look at the resources below for ideas and strategies that can help promote academic integrity in the age of AI. Below those resources, you will also find information about the fully online AI course that is available for CSUMB faculty.

AI Resources for Faculty

Practical Responses to ChatGPT and Other Generative AI: This webpage offered by Montclair State University provides information about generative AI and guidance for faculty about teaching within the new generative AI landscape.

Understanding Why Students Cheat: This webpage offered by Carnegie Mellon University provides an in-depth look into why students cheat, which is helpful to consider when trying to prevent it!

Promoting Academic Integrity: This resource offered by Cornell University provides strategies for designing authentic assessments, assignment scaffolding, and other practices to lower grade anxiety in students. 

Teaching & Learning with AI Faculty Guide: This resource is an interactive course offered through Stanford University. This is very similar to our internal CSUMB course (you'll even notice that we are cited in the creation of it!) so if you are a CSUMB employee, check out our own course and how to register below!

Detecting AI Usage: This is a video (~18 minutes) that provides an overview of how to detect when students use AI in their assessments (this was used as the Lesson 3 video in the AI Summer Institute training course.)

Generative AI & Cybersecurity: This recorded video webinar (~50 minutes) offers practical guidance related to AI and cybersecurity. For more information and additional information, check out the cybersecurity CSU webinar series!

CSUMB Collaborative Document on AI Resources (coming soon): This is a collaborative Google Document that everyone with a CSUMB email address can view! To add new content, please fill out the AI Resources Contributor form.

AI Course for CSUMB Faculty

To better equip our faculty for teaching in the age of AI, the Center for Academic Technologies has developed a self-paced, fully online course (view course promo video) that supports faculty development and experience with artificial intelligence tools and their application to teaching and learning. By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe what Artificial Intelligence (AI) means in simple terms
  • Identify and use common AI tools to generate content, such as text, images, and other types of content
  • Explain ethical concerns related to AI content generation
  • Locate software tools and consider strategies for detecting AI-generated images and text
  • Evaluate the value and application of AI tools from both teaching and learning perspectives
  • Develop individualized course policies related to the use of AI tools in your course(s)

CSUMB faculty may self-enroll any time for the Introduction to AI Tools for Teaching & Learning. If you are interested in adopting a free copy of this course for your own institution, please fill out the AI course request form or contact Laura Otero for more information.