Center for Academic Technologies

Quality Matters Program Annual Progress Report Archive

2022-23 Quality Matters Program

In partnership with the CSU Chancellor's Office, the Center for Academic Technologies (CAT) administers CSUMB's Quality Matters program, which includes the following efforts:

  • Institutional membership with Quality Matters (QM), a nationally-recognized organization dedicated to researching, identifying, and promoting best practices in online education.
  • Annual grant funding and ongoing support for faculty (10-12 per year) seeking QM certification and other related online course quality training.
  • Promotion of QM professional development courses.

2022-23 Goals

In alignment with CSUMB's Graduation Initiative and strategic priorities, the 2022-23 Quality Matters Program includes the following three goals:

  1. Engage at least 10 faculty members to complete specialized Course Improvement training through Quality Matters. 
  2. Follow up with each engaged faculty member on a course improvement plan.
  3. Facilitate the completion of each faculty member's course improvement plan through individualized consultations with an instructional designer and/or accessibility specialist in the Center for Academic Technologies.
  4. Celebrate successes and promote the grant opportunity to other faculty for the next year at an awards ceremony.

2022-23 Achievements

The achievements of the 2023-24 Quality Matters Program goals include the following:

  1. The first goal was accomplished with 100% completion. In fact, an additional 3 faculty members were able to successfully complete the training with institutional funds!
  2. The second goal was accomplished with 100% completion. All participating faculty successfully completed their individual course improvement plans. 
  3. The third goal was accomplished with 100% completion. All participating faculty followed up with a consultation with an instructional designer and/or accessibility specialist from the Center for Academic Technologies to discuss strategies for completion as well as a timeline for implementation of the identified course improvements. 
  4. The fourth goal was accomplished on May 12th at 9 am, where faculty celebrated their accomplishments and shared their key takeaways at a breakfast event on campus. At this open event, participating faculty were recognized for completing the grant with a certificate of completion and new faculty were recruited for the next year.

Below is a list of names of the participants and the courses completed:

Applying the QM Rubric: Sheryl Hathaway, Laura Otero, Heather Rougeot.

Improving Your Online Course: Zurine De Miguel, Sheryl Hathaway, Jenny Lin, Laura Otero, Celine Pinet, Leslie Turrini-Smith, Dina Wirick, Maria Bellumori, Danielle Burchett, Sarah Evanick, Dana Powell Russell, Lee Ritscher, Kayla Rolicheck.

Designing Your Online Course: Salina Lopez.

Peer Reviewer Certification: Laura Otero.

Improve Your Online Course Facilitator: Miguel Lara.

Quality Matters 7th Edition Rubric Update: Laura Otero, Miguel Lara.

Additionally, a fully-online, self-paced course was made available that provides training for accessibility and equity in digital courses. Learn more about the online equity & accessibility course.

For more details about the program or to learn how to participate, please reach out to the Online Education Coordinator, Laura Otero.