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If you require training or a course evaluation on your iLearn course materials , please use the button below to create a work order ticket.

Accessible instructional materials are designed or converted in a way that makes them usable across the widest range of student variability regardless of format (print, digital, graphical, audio, video)

Online course best practices:

  • Order & identify textbooks and course readers early.
  • Learn how to make course materials accessible; take training!
  • Provide syllabi in electronic format & add heading styles for document structure.
  • Post PDF documents that are clean and readable, not a scanned image of a PDF.
  • Make sure pictures, tables and graphs have alt (descriptive) text.
  • Use captioned videos whenever possible.
  • Use Ally dials to assist with document accessibility

iLearn - Universal Access with Ally

Ally Indicators with accessibility dials

Ally is built into iLearn our LMS-learning management system, and provides feedback within your course workflow. Click the indicator dial next to your files to view the accessibility feedback. Follow along step-by-step to improve your original file.

Create Accessible Documents-Practice Documents

More Accessibility Resources

Course Accessibility Checklist

Adobe Adobe Acrobat Video Tutorial-Accessible PDF & Cheat Sheet NCDAE site

MS Word Creating accessible PDFs from Word (conversion)

MS Word Cheatsheets . NCDAE site

MS Word: Make your documents accessible

MS PPT PowerPoint: Make your presentations accessible . MS Office

MS Windows: Use the Accessibility Checker on your Windows desktop to find accessibility issues . MS Office

MS Mac: Use the Accessibility Checker on your Mac to find and resolve accessibility issues

Google Docs Accessibility

Google Docs Accessibility Checker Grackle Docs ( link to download) Video on how to use

Zoom. Getting started with Closed Captioning

Contact Information

For faculty needing assistance with creating accessible materials please contact CAT-Center for Academic Technologies, or submit a work order ticket at the link above. Contact Cindy Compean, email Phone (831) 582-3318

ATI 2019-2021 Faculty Evaluation : Accessibility of iLearn Course Materials _ Google form for CAT

For students requiring alternate media please contact Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC) email Phone (831) 582-3672