Center for Academic Technologies

Digital Accessibility

Pre-Recorded Videos

The tutorials in this section cover creating and editing captions for videos that have already been generated through a video platform, lecture capture, mini-lectures, narrated slides, etc. All videos used as learning materials need to be captioned.

As CSUMB shifts to alternative modes of teaching, more students than ever stand to benefit from the captioning of video content. These are some examples:

  • Providing the text as an alternate means of study can assist and reinforce the lecture.
  • Transcripts can be helpful when people have difficulty focusing on audio due to a cognitive disability or distractions in their current home environment (children, family members, pets, etc).
  • Due to the wide variety of bandwidth capabilities, it is good to provide low tech solutions including the transcript of the video. This aids people who have difficulty streaming videos because of network or economic limitations.

Note: Panapto and Zoom are campus-supported technologies.