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DIY Accessibility

A well-designed product is accessible to users of all abilities, including those with low vision, blindness, hearing impairments, cognitive impairments, or motor impairments. Improving your product’s accessibility enhances the usability for all users. It’s also the right thing to do.

DIY Information on creating your accessible documents

Adobe PDF Save an accessible PDF in MS Office Prepare your source file. Tagging helps make your PDF accessible, but it's very important to check your source file before you save it as a PDF.

Adobe Acrobat DC -Make accessible wizard video

Adobe Acrobat DC Accessible Forms

Adobe Acrobat Pro Make PDFs Accessible

Adobe Check PDF Accessibility

PowerPoint Make Accessible Presentations

Word Make your Documents Accessible

MAC Accessibility Checker Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Windows Accessibility Checker Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Google Design Principles