College of Business

[Virtual] Business Otter Raft

In the ocean, otters hang onto each other in a raft-type structure to stay together and keep safe. To connect COB Otters, we are creating a virtual space to study and/or hang out with friends (current and new) and a few COB faculty members, too. We’ll use breakout rooms to let some students study quietly; while you study, you can use the chat to ask questions of others in the group (e.g. “can anyone help me understand the difference between LIFO and FIFO?”) or pop out to the main room to ask a question of a faculty member. Other breakout rooms will allow students to take a break from studying and relax with a game or casual chit-chat.

Join the Business Otter Raft!

WHEN: Thursday, March 11, 6:00-7:00

WHERE: On ZOOM – Register here for the link!

Questions? Need accommodations?

Email Susan Harker: