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Using Technology to Enhance Student Learning

College of Business Instructor Terry Mullin was awarded the Spring 2016 CSUMB Innovation in Teaching and Learning Grant. This grant will support his effort to flip his Managerial Accounting class.

With a flipped classroom, students watch short video lectures as homework and focus on exercises, projects, or discussions during the class session. The flipped classroom concept is beneficial when learning difficult concepts; students can watch multiple times to understand the content. Using subtitles on the videos can benefit visual learners who don’t learn as easily with the traditional ‘sage on the stage’ lecture.

Terry is no stranger to the flipped classroom phenomenon; almost 15 years ago he created videos for a Financial Accounting class using screen capture software. Instead of videos of him lecturing in front of a classroom, the videos were screen captures of his computer monitor with voice explanations; they provided the basics of each chapter. The focus of these videos was to enhance the lectures using callouts and real-time demonstrations (Excel files, annotating notes, etc.).

Not only will Terry create videos for Managerial Accounting, but the grant will also make it possible for him to also update the previously created Financial Accounting videos.

In addition to his three masters degrees (Accounting, Information Systems, and Business Administration) Terry is ABD with a Doctorate in education from Illinois State University. Terry has taught college level accounting for 22 years and currently is part time at CSUMB. He is a full time instructor for Cabrillo College and occasionally teaches for UC Santa Cruz.

Terry Mullin
Terry Mullin

Terry has been an avid baker from the young age of eight; he began decorating wedding cakes at age 15. His passion for baking continued to chef school then to the Culinary Institute of America. Terry loves to bake for his students.

He has four dogs, ranging from 85-140 lbs, and plays the lottery hoping to win enough money to buy a ranch and save every shelter dog. In dog years, Terry's 435 years old.