College of Business

Students in the community

Business students engage in the community through internships and service learning. Students provide beneficial assistance to the organization while gaining valuable experience. ne

Service Learning

Students use their business training and experience to contribute to the broadening of economic opportunity and empowerment of historically underrepresented groups in the community by providing 30 hours of service to a community agency. This effort will include the development of a useful product to contribute to the site.

Course outcomes

  • To deepen awareness and understanding of disparities in economic opportunity among different ethnic and cultural groups and the roots of such disparities within Monterey County, nationally, and globally.
  • To gain a clearer sense of the kinds of actions, attitudes, and behaviors - personal and institutional - that can alter historical relationships of power and privilege and broaden economic opportunity for those for whom opportunity historically has been limited.
  • To develop an understanding of alternative approaches to promoting community development which are inclusive of all cultures and are sustainable, and to understand the relationship of such development to sustainable economic development globally.
  • To gain a greater sense of your personal potential to make a difference in the lives of others.


If you have an opportunity for a student intern, contact Alfred Budris or Maj-Britt Kimm