College of Business

Student Success: Sarah Walter, BSBA Student

Sarah Walter

February 28, 2024

Sarah Walter, College of Business Friends and Family Scholarship Recipient

In the dynamic world of higher education, stories of perseverance, ambition, and success often serve as the guiding light for aspiring individuals. Sarah Walter, a College of Business Friends and Family Scholarship recipient illuminates the path to success through her unique narrative. In a recent Business Advisory Council (BAC) meeting held on February 7, 2024, at Cal State Monterey Bay, Sarah's story not only reflects her tenacity but also highlights the pivotal role resources like the College of Business Friends and Family Scholarship in empowering students like Sarah to achieve their educational aspirations. Through her achievements and commitments, she embodies the values of the College of Business community and inspires others to reach for their dreams.

Sarah Walter's story reveals her dedication and perseverance, showcasing her remarkable journey at Cal State Monterey Bay. A junior majoring in Business Administration with a dual concentration in marketing and accounting, her journey began in Sacramento, where she attended community college before starting her academic career at Cal State Monterey Bay last semester. Her commitment to school life is apparent, with activities ranging from leadership roles in her sorority to active participation in several business groups, such as the Accounting Society Business Club and Entrepreneurship Club. Holding multiple positions within Theta Alpha Sigma Sorority, including secretary, fundraising chair, and co-head of recruitment, Sarah's commitment to her sorority and other campus organizations is evident.

Despite the demands of her academic studies, Sarah remains committed to her goals, particularly to obtaining a California CPA certification and pursuing a career in auditing after graduation. Sarah exemplifies resilience and determination by balancing her academic pursuits with two jobs, one as an administrative assistant for a theater company and another as the HBO Max representative on campus. She acknowledges the crucial role that the scholarship has played in relieving financial pressures, allowing her to work fewer hours and fully embrace her college experience. Sarah inspires everyone around her to achieve their goals with unwavering passion by exemplifying leadership and ambition through her extraordinary journey.