College of Business

Student Success: Kobe Wik and Joshua Yeater

Kobe Wik (L) and Joshua Yeater (R)

January 23, 2024

BSSHM Student Kobe Wik

Kobe Wik, a native of Redwood City, CA, is a Sustainable Hospitality Management major at CSU, Monterey Bay. He recently shared insights into his academic journey and future aspirations. Commencing his studies at CSUMB as a freshman, Kobe plans to graduate in 2026. Kobe was attracted to the unique and fast-paced environment of the world of hospitality through his experiences in restaurants and retail.

Post-graduation, Kobe aims to pursue a pilot's license and potentially build an aviation career. He's on the right track with an internship at Monterey Jet Center for the Spring 2024 semester. He advises fellow students to enjoy their academic journey as much as possible, as it goes by quickly.

BSBA Student Joshua Yeater

Born and raised in Monterey, Joshua Yeater transferred from Monterey Peninsula College and expects to graduate in Spring 2025. Joshua is a Business major with a concentration in Information Systems. Recognizing the excellence of the Business program at CSUMB, Joshua values the professors' friendliness and willingness to help.

Joshua has secured an internship at Del Monte Aviation for the Spring 2024 semester. He expects to gain experience for future opportunities and possibly secure a full-time job through his internship. Joshua emphasizes time management and the importance of a balanced academic and personal life. His advice includes establishing routines, having personal time, and being open to seeking help from professors or counselors, all of which fosters academic and professional success.