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Student Success: Aaron Villarreal, BSBA Student

Aaron Villarreal - Student Success Story

Aaron Villarreal

February 28, 2024

Aaron Villarreal, College of Business Family and Friends Scholarship Recipient

At the Business Advisory Council (BAC) meeting held on February 7, 2024, Aaron Villarreal's unwavering commitment to academic achievement and passionate promotion of inclusivity within campus life was evident. As a College of Business Friends and Family Scholarship recipient, Aaron's outstanding dedication portrays the fundamental traits expected of a College of Business student. Aaron's enthusiasm for his academic pursuits and community involvement encapsulates the essence of leadership, perseverance, and inclusiveness that the scholarship embodies.

Aaron Villarreal's story is about embracing diversity and opportunities. His journey began in the small town of Lemoore, CA, near a U.S. Naval Air Station. His decision to transfer to Cal State Monterey Bay was driven by his appreciation for the exceptional sense of community. Aaron shared how growing up in Lemoore shaped his perspective and goals.

"One important thing I gained from my experience in Lemoore was not only the tight-knit community but also the number of farm workers and field workers you would see around the town. We were heavily based on agriculture, and seeing the hard-working efforts of these individuals consistently providing for their families moved me. I believe my hometown shaped me by teaching me how dedication and a hard-working mindset are important for success. Those working in the fields still find the most joy in family and community while enjoying life's small, ordinary events. With this in mind, I constantly remind myself of where I come from and who I represent––that community of farm workers and field workers who are out working for their families."

Aaron recognized the opportunities that Cal State Monterey Bay presented. It stood out as a place where he could thrive both academically and personally. He appreciates the university's commitment to serving its Hispanic student population, a demographic that resonates deeply with his own background and values.

Raised by a father who was a first-generation college graduate, Aaron draws inspiration from his family's journey. He recognizes the importance of representation and diversity in higher education, echoing his father's dedication to supporting first-generation and low-income students at the community college where he works.

Aaron was drawn to the prospect of contributing to the growth and development of a university that prioritized the success of its students. As a junior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting, he has embraced his leadership role by participating in campus leadership roles. Currently, he is deeply involved in Associated Students, where he has taken on the role of Vice President of University Affairs. He collaborates closely with various senators. Drawing from his past experiences as a student trustee and President, he recognizes the importance of advocacy and representation in fostering an inclusive campus environment. He recognizes the scholarship's profound impact in helping reduce financial burdens, especially with textbook costs and transportation. Despite the hurdles of being a transfer student, Aaron's resilience shines through as he navigates his academic and extracurricular commitments with determination.