College of Business

Unveiling the collaborative Pebble Beach Scholars Program at Cal State Monterey Bay

From left: David Stivers, Vanya Quinones, Marylou Shockley and Paige Viren celebrate the PBC Scholars Program

January 22, 2024

Introducing the Pebble Beach Scholars Program: In a significant collaboration between Cal State Monterey Bay and Pebble Beach Company, a transformative agreement was signed to elevate education within CSUMB’s Sustainable Hospitality Management program. The Pebble Beach Scholars initiative, at the heart of this groundbreaking partnership, seamlessly integrates scholarships, internships, housing, and potential employment. With a substantial $1.4 million investment, the program offers students up to $5,000 annually, coupled with valuable internships at the renowned Pebble Beach, shaping educational and professional pathways. President Vanya Quiñones, along with Dean Marylou Shockley and Professor Paige Viren, expresses excitement about the program's potential to impact student careers positively. Read more.