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Babita Gupta recognized as leader in Information Systems

February 10, 2021

Dr. Babita Gupta

Dr. Babita Gupta

Information Systems is the study of the interaction of technology — hardware, software, telecommunications, databases, networks — organizations, and humans: when a company use social media for marketing communications, when people vote by using voting machines, the whole structure of Amazon.

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) is a nonprofit that harnesses the power of the many professionals, researchers and instructors in Information Systems (IS) into a body that “serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems.” Their members come from about 100 countries.

Dr. Babita Gupta is a professor of Information Systems at CSU Monterey Bay, and teaches information technology innovation strategies, business analytics, database management, and information systems for decision making in the College of Business.

Most IS faculty worldwide are members of AIS through their institutions. But because of her research in industry journals and her leadership service in AIS for over a decade, in December 2020, Babita was made a Distinguished Member - Cum Laude.

“That is one of the highest honors given by AIS,” she said. “CSUMB is one of the only two CSUs so far to receive Cum Laude designation.”

She said that she is humbled that her work as an IS faculty at CSUMB for the last 25 years has been recognized and is pleased to have brought that spotlight to the university.

"Dr. Babita Gupta is a world-class scholar in the IS area and has pioneered the role and impact of women scholars in this field," said Shyam Kamath, Dean of the College of Business. "Her scholarly publications and her contributions to AIS and other professional IS societies, our university and college, and to our student and regional community are stellar. We are proud and fortunate to have her in the College of Business and CSUMB."

Two of her most significant accomplishments is developing (along with two co-authors) the guidelines for curriculum development of business analytics and big data in higher education for business colleges at undergraduate and graduate levels; and working on the AIS task force to gain data-driven insights into gender diversity and equity issues.

For students (whom she considers her “motivation to do better”), her advanced work in IS and with AIS aids the teaching and learning in her classrooms, and exposes them to the most current issues in the field.

Babita is also the Director of Accreditation (AACSB) for the College of Business, IS program faculty lead, co-chair of COB's Strategic Plan and Accreditation Committee, and core member of COB Committee on Curriculum and Assurance of Learning. She is also serving on the senate committee on Budget and Resource Management and the Strategic Budget Committee.

She was inducted as AIS Distinguished Member in a live ceremony during the International Conference on Information Systems back in December. It was virtual, so it was itself a fine example of an information system at work.