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College welcomes new Sustainable Hospitality Management assistant professor

Alexis Lee graduation photo

Alexis Lee and Bill Ryan, professor emeritus in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Oklahoma State University.

June 13, 2023

(Emailed on May 12, 2023)

We are delighted to announce the exciting addition of Dr. Choonghyoung "Alexis" Lee to our esteemed faculty! Beginning in the fall of 2023, Dr. Lee will join the California State University, Monterey Bay Sustainable Hospitality Management program, enriching our academic community with her vast knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Lee earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration, specializing in Hospitality and Tourism Management, from Oklahoma State University. Her groundbreaking research on the use of voluntary solitude as a recovery strategy for hotel managers coping with work stress has gained significant recognition within the field.

Dr. Lee's research primarily focuses on sustainable hospitality operations management, sustainable food and beverage management, as well as issues and ethics in sustainable hospitality management. Her insightful contributions have been published in leading journals, and she is actively working on several manuscripts aimed at reputable publications, further advancing industry knowledge. She firmly believes in expanding theoretical knowledge in organizational behavior within the hospitality industry and providing valuable insights to industry professionals. Moreover, she strives to incorporate her research findings into the classroom, equipping students with practical and field-relevant knowledge while fostering critical-thinking skills.

In addition to her remarkable research achievements, Dr. Lee possesses invaluable practical experience in the hospitality industry. As a Graduate Teaching Associate, she taught courses such as Lodging Property Management, Hospitality Industry Human Resource Management, Purchasing for Food Service, and Mechanical Equipment and Facility Management. Her expertise and industry insights have also made her a highly sought-after guest lecturer. 

Dr. Lee has extensive hands-on experience in the hospitality industry, having worked as a barista, manager, and member of the barista exam judging panel in South Korea for over nine years. Her diverse roles within the industry have provided her with valuable insights into recruitment, staff training, sales, marketing, menu development, and operations management.

Dr. Alexis Lee - Sustainable Hospitality Management Program Faculty

Dr. Alexis Lee


We look forward to the invaluable contributions Dr. Lee will make to our program. Please join us in extending a warm welcome as she embarks on this new chapter in her career with us. Together, we eagerly anticipate shaping a positive future of sustainable hospitality and tourism management.

Paige Viren

Executive Director, Sustainable Hospitality Management


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