College of Business

New Elective courses for Spring '17

BUS 410 An intensive experience in designing a startup business. Participants will develop skills in teamwork and presentation and learn tools for designing a startup business or social enterprise, including business models, prototyping, market validation and feasibility, and pitching the business. In addition to class meetings, the course requires participation in Startup Weekend (typically the first weekend of the semester) and two additional Friday half-day sessions.

Instructor - Brad Barbeau

Brad Barbeau

BUS 495-2 International Business Practicum: Entrepreneurship in Italy *Italy - Study Abroad Component* Students explore international variation in how business is conducted, focusing on a specific country or region while also drawing comparisons to other areas. Topics include political and regulatory contexts, culture, business practices, socio-economic conditions, and other institutional factors. Students develop competencies in doing business across international contexts.

The class will meet on campus every other week during the semester, followed by an 11-day trip to Italy. Please see the attached presentation for details and contact Dr. Dante Di Gregorio for additional information about this opportunity.

Urbino Italy
Students will visit Urbino, a lovely mid-sized city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was one of the main centers during the Renaissance

Course applies as an elective to the Management and International Business, Entrepreneurship, or Marketing concentrations.

Instructor - Dante Di Gregorio


HOSP 495-1 HOSP 482 *Costa Rica - Study Abroad Component* Offers a complete approach to the operation of hotel and resort properties. Focuses on sustainable and responsible initiatives, technological change, and unique operational challenges. Reviews history and conceptual development of hotels and resorts and future considerations and outlook for the industry in issues such as the hiring and management of seasonal employees and the development of sustainable opportunities.

Costa Rica

Instructor - Angel Gonzalez

Angel Gonzalez