College of Business

Launching an Excellent Internship Program

Because we know that internships make a positive difference – to careers and community – we formally introduced the College of Business Internship Excellence Program (COBIEP), Fall 2014.

Partners offering internships and students seeking them can easily reach us through on our newly designed website: During 2014-15, with COBIEP as liaison, over 40 businesses and organizations offered over 50 internships, 25 students applied for help securing internships, and at least 17 interns were hired.

We were particularly excited that two local startup companies, Measure to Improve and Akamai Innovations, offered paid internships. Measure to Improve provides sustainability program services to agribusinesses. Akamai Innovations provides internet marketing services to medical professionals. Each hired two College of Business (COB) interns.

Diego Ruiz and Wyatt Maysey, interning with Measure to Improve, expressed enthusiasm for everything they are learning about business and sustainability practices.

“I enjoy working with Nikki and Sandy (Principals of the company) because they encourage and empower us in the working environment.”
Diego Ruiz
Wyatt Maysey
Wyatt Maysey
Sam Messina
Sam Messina

Sam Messina, Web Development Specialist for Akamai Innovations, and 2012 graduate from the CSUMB Business program, hired interns Kimberly Webb and Chris Holle to work closely with Akamai’s web development team while learning content marketing, professional communication, and search engine optimization (SEO).

"The opportunity to work with students who are eager to learn will always be an asset for us as we rely on fresh ideas and innovative thinking to stay one step ahead of the competition." He also made it clear that he hasn’t forgotten the challenges of a busy school schedule, assuring that “we encourage our interns to make school a priority, always keeping schedules flexible especially during mid-terms, finals and capstone!”
Sam Messina

Other organizations with current COB interns include the City of Marina, Paladin Venture Development, Seminole Financial Consultants, and CH Robinson.

Led by Suzanne Kroeze, the COBIEP team of creative students, Brian Berkley, Elisa Lokmagozian, Roberto Ornelas, and Brittanie Turner, provide invaluable contributions as they develop infrastructure and outreach. Check the website often for available and featured internships, as well as success stories.