College of Business

Greater Vision Forum 2018

The Farm of the Future: Ag Careers in Energy, Sustainability and Technology

Megan Nunes, Founder & CEO of Vinsight, shares her experiences at the Greater Vision Forum on October 3, 2018.

SEASIDE, Ca., October 4, 2018 – California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) hosted the 2018 Greater Vision Forum Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at CSUMB’s University Center. Greater Vision is a collaborative event with the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation designed for students, professionals and community members that addresses contemporary issues in agriculture and society.

The event began with a keynote conversation entitled "The Farm of the Future and the Changing Workforce" by Dennis Donohue, Chairman, Grower-Shipper Association Foundation and Megan Nunes, Founder & CEO, Vinsight.

The keynote conversation was followed by a panel entitled "Careers: Energy and Sustainability in Agriculture" and was led by Rosie Armstrong, Director of Workforce Development: Agriculture and Healthcare Sector Partnerships. Hartnell College. The panel included Alyson Blume, Lead UX Developer, Wexus Technologies; Chad Forrest, CFO, Concentric Power; and Alejandra Sanchez, Sustainability Manager, Taylor Farms.

A final panel entitled "Careers: Technology in Agriculture" concluded the forum and addressed careers in new technologies needed on the farm. It was moderated by Abby Taylor-Silva, VP of Policy & Communications, Grower-Shipper Association and the panel included Jackie Vazquez, Director of Operations, Andrew and Williamson; Jennifer Skidgel-Clarke, Executive Director, California Leafy Greens Research Program; and Josh Ruiz, Director of Operations, Church Brothers Farms.

Hosting open community events is in keeping with CSUMB’s role as a community resource, providing forums for provocative discussions that can impact thought and action on issues important to our community.