College of Business

Dr. Babita Gupta Invited to Serve on Cybersecurity Workgroup

Dr. Babita Gupta

May 15, 2019 - CSUMB College of Business Information Systems professor, Dr. Babita Gupta, has been invited to serve on the Cybersecurity Four Year Education Program Workgroup initiated by the Cybersecurity Task Force (GCTF) Workforce Development and Education (WDE) Subcommittee. The Workgroup project involves the development and implementation of a comprehensive California Statewide Cybersecurity Education Pipeline/Pathway statewide across all levels of education (including K-12, Associates, Bachelors, Graduate Degrees, and Professional Training Certifications/Credentials.)

The Cybersecurity Career Pipeline and Pathway project goal is to prepare 50,000 qualified cybersecurity professionals for the State of California between January 2020 and December 2030. Dr. Gupta's role is to guide and advise Cybersecurity Four Year Education Program Workgroup on a linked 2 year/4 year cybersecurity education model curriculum, “best practices” for academic standards, and networked professional development opportunities in conjunction with California Community College Colleagues. In addition to the primary objective, the Workgroup has additional objectives to incorporate into the cybersecurity career pipeline, such as cyber-hygiene programs, military veteran transition into civilian cyber workforce support, and strategies to reach out to historically underrepresented backgrounds in the areas of technology, computing, STEM, and cyber security.