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Students of BUS 437 at the processing line for Anchovies towards the end of the tour.

CSUMB Students of 'Applied Logistics for Vege/Fruits' visit Del Mar Seafood’s Inc for Class Tour

On March 29th, 2018, Students of BUS 437: Applied Logistics (4 units) visited Del Mar Seafoods to see firsthand the logistics of seafood (squids, and various types of fish), from inbound to processing, packing, cooling, storage and outbound shipments. Del Mar Seafoods is a vertically integrated fishing company in Watsonville, CA, which owns and operates fishing vessels in California and Oregon. Del Mar Seafoods is a family run operation with over forty years of fishing and seafood processing experience.. During the tour, Randy Roberts of 'DelMar Seafoods' showed the students how the Anchovies are brought in, processed and prepared for shipment for exports. He also explained various logistics and operations that are involved including personnel, equipment and food safety. Other than enthusiastic students, also present were Joe Roggio of the company, and very excited professors Dr. Scott Fausti (Agribusiness) and Dr. Gary Schneider (Accounting) accompanied by Dr. Sumadhur Shakya (Operations). The participants of the tour are thankful to Monica Galligan from School of Natural Sciences of CSUMB to make this class tour possible..

Students of BUS 437 at the receiving area of the fishery

Students of BUS 437 at the beginning of processing line of the fisheries

Students of BUS 437 at the outbound section of the processing area of the fishery

April 5, 2018

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