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Award-winning Research and Publishing by College of Business Faculty and Students

CSUMB College of Business faculty and students form a CSU and regional powerhouse for excellence in applied research.

Feb 8, 2021 (Update) – The College of Business is delighted to announce the outstanding achievements of two of our newer faculty who have had articles accepted in top-ranked journals, A* journals.

  • Dr. Liz Adair's article acceptance at the Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Dr. Jenny Kuan's article acceptance at Academy of Management Review

In addition, a paper Dr. Scott Fausti co-authored won the 2020 Outstanding Paper Award in the peer-reviewed, international journal, Natural Sciences Education. The paper is titled, "Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in the Precision Agriculture Workforce: An industry Survey." Dr. Fausti shares the award with co-authors Bruce Erickson, David Clay, and Sharon Clay.

This follows Heiko Wieland's 2018 article which won the Maynard Prize award for best conceptual paper in the Journal of Marketing (see below).

May 30, 2019 (updated Oct 15, 2019) - Over the past five years, College faculty have been published consistently in the top journals in their disciplines and have won research awards and professional recognition in their areas of expertise. Their students have also excelled in research competitions, winning university and regional awards and CSU system-wide recognition. This applied research has a broad impact on student success as COB faculty use their research in classroom teaching, engage students in their research, co-author papers with students, and involve students in UROC (University Research Opportunity Center) projects and activities.

Business professors in the College have published a series of articles in marketing, finance and accounting, information systems, management and strategy, international business, supply chain management, and agribusiness in the leading business journals in these disciplines. From 2013 - 2018, COB faculty have produced 213 intellectual contributions, including applied research, case studies, conference presentations, and textbook chapters. A total of 73 articles have been published by COB faculty in 62 unique peer-reviewed journals with acceptance rates of less than 20%, including several A and A+ journals. This is an outstanding achievement for a small college with only 26 full-time faculty members.

Marketing Faculty

Dr. Jenny Lin

Dr. Jenny Lin Assistant Professor of Marketing at CSUMB published path-breaking research in A or A+ peer-reviewed journals ranked by the internationally recognized Australian Business Dean’s Council Journal List (ABDC) on the role of smell on consumer decision making and children’s Internet behavior and parents’ preferences for Internet regulation in four A/A+ journals in marketing and advertising journals respectively. Two were published in the European Journal of Marketing, one in the Journal of Advertising and another in the Journal of Consumer Affairs, in addition to publishing 3 other papers in other highly ranked marketing journals. In particular, Dr. Lin’s paper entitled “The Sniffing Effect: Olfactory Sensitivity and Olfactory Imagery in Advertising” (2018), in which she was the leading author, recently won the Best Article Award in Journal of Advertising.

Dr. Heiko Wieland

Assistant Professor of Marketing Heiko Wieland published two seminal papers entitled “Business Models as Service Strategy” in the A+ ranked Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) in 2017 and the paper “Converging on a New Theoretical Foundation for Selling” in the #1 ranked Journal of Marketing. Both papers were coauthored by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Stephen Vargo at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Dr. Wieland also published three articles in the highly regarded peer-reviewed journals Journal of Strategic Marketing, International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology, as well as Industrial Marketing Management.

Dr. Wieland and his co-authors won the prestigious Maynard Prize awarded by the American Marketing Association for the best article in the #1 ranked Journal of Marketing in 2018. The Maynard Prize is the top award in the world for intellectual contributions in the field of marketing.

Dr. Angeline Nariswari

Assistant Professor Angeline Nariswari published in the Journal of Service Management and Marketing Letters as well as other relevant book chapters.

Dr. Murray Milson

Professor of Marketing Murray Milson continued to publish his work on technology marketing in the International Journal of Innovation Management, International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, Journal of Product Innovation Management and the International Journal of Technology Marketing.

Accounting Faculty

Dr. Gary Schneider, Dr. Chi-Chun Chou, Dr. Leslie Boni, and Dr. Christina Zhang

Accounting and Finance professors Gary Schneider, Chi-Chun Chou, Leslie Boni and Christina Zhang published articles in highly ranked journals, including "A" ranked peer-reviewed journals, such as Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, Issues in Accounting Education, Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, Accounting Horizons, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, International Journal of Economics and Business Research, Journal of Business, NTU Business Review, Journal of Accounting and Finance, and Journal of Financial Issues. In addition, Professor Gary Schneider won the Best Paper Award at the 2018 annual meeting of the American Academy of Accounting Education.

Management, Strategy, and International Business Faculty

Dr. Dante Di Gregorio, Dr. Nicolas Dahan, Dr. Pat Tinsley-McGill, and Dr. Marylou Shockley

Professors Dante Di Gregorio, Nick Dahan, Pat Tinsley-McGill, and Marylou Shockley were equally prolific publishing their research in leading and "A" ranked journals, including Business & Society, International Journal of Business Strategy, Journal of Applied Business and Economics, International Journal of Technology Marketing Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Enterprising Communities, and Journal of International Business Education and Strategic Organization. They presented their research at leading international conferences both in the United States and abroad.

Agribusiness Faculty

Dr. Sumadhur Shakya and Dr. Scott Fausti

Professors Sumadhur Shakya and Scott Fausti published their research in such leading international peer-reviewed journals as Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Finance Review, Agricultural Systems, Applied Economics Letters, Beverages, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environmental Entomology, Environmental Science & Policy, Journal for Global Business Advancement, Journal of ASFMRA, Journal of Agribusiness, Journal of Applied Entomology, Journal of Crop Protection, Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination, and Science Advances. They also completed a number of research reports including an Economic and Environmental Impact Study of the San Ardo Oilfields and an Asset Inventory of the City of Monterey, along with studies for the Salinas Valley Rodeo and the Cal Coastal Development Corporation.

Information Systems Faculty

Dr. Babita Gupta, Dr. Shwadhin Sharma, and Dr. Mohamad Abouzahra

Professors Babita Gupta, Shwadhin Sharma, and Mohamad Abouzahra published in top journals while organizing and leading sessions at the world’s top conferences, including INFORMS and SIGSDA, among others. Their publications appeared in leading peer-reviewed journals such as Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Computers & Security, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Journal of Computer Information Systems, and Namex International Journal of Management Research.

Sustainable Hospitality Management Faculty

Dr. Roberta Atzori, Dr. John Avella, and Dr. Angel Gonzalez

Assistant Professor Roberta Atzori published papers in two A+/A ranked journals: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights and Tourism Management. She also had a paper published in the high ranking, peer-reviewed Journal of Foodservice Business Research. Hospitality Executive Director John Avella and Professors Roberta Atzori and Angel Gonzalez conducted field research and published an economic impact report for the Mazda/Weathertec Laguna Seca Raceway, engaging several Hospitality students as research assistants to collect and analyze data.

Student Mentoring and Engagement

COB faculty have involved students as research assistants and co-authors in a variety of endeavors. Marketing Professors Jenny Lin and Angeline Nariswari together have mentored over 15 COB students in the University Research Opportunities Center (UROC) over the past few semesters. Altogether, they have presented at regional and leading national and international marketing conferences, such as those organized by the Academy of Marketing Science and Society for Marketing Advances, as well as published at least 5 conference papers and a book chapter. Some students have also received guidance to prepare for graduate school applications.

College of Business faculty take a real interest in students and their mentorship has an impact. Some significant student achievements where faculty mentoring played a role include:

  • Jacob Tonascia, an Agribusiness student under the mentorship of Dr. Sumadhur Shakya, won the GIS competition at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies
  • Brishna Nader and Cris de los Santos, mentored and guided by professors Jenny Lin and Angeline Nariswari, won the top prize at the CSU system-wide 33rd Annual Student Research Competition in the Business, Economics and Public Administration division
  • Beth Johnson, BSBA '19, Accounting Concentration, received the President's Award at the 2019 Commencement for Exemplary Student Achievement and was selected as the College of Business Dean's Medalist based on her outstanding academic, research and service record
  • The CalCPA Scholarship was awarded to Accounting Concentration students, Brooke Baumgardner and Beth Johnson
  • Brooke Baumgardner and Beth Johnson, among a number of other Accounting Concentration students, have been admitted to the prestigious MS in Accounting Program at UC Davis
“The CSUMB College of Business faculty are conducting thought-leadership research that is changing research and management practice, making them better instructors by providing strong industry practice lessons and examples in the CSUMB classroom for their students. Their prolific research agenda is among the best in the CSU and has impacted their teaching practice and fundamental knowledge in their disciplines.”
College of Business Dean Shyam Kamath