College of Business

15th Annual Ethics and Responsible Business Forum

Has Big Brother gone too far? A debate about the erosion of digital privacy.

Panelists for the Ethics and Responsible Business Forum on March 7, 2017.
(L to R) Moderator: Bud Colligan Panelists: Eric Goldman, Mridula Mascarenhas, Kaliya Young, Joseph DeLuca, and Nate Cardozo

March 7, 2017 – The 15th Annual Forum asked: Should government have access to our digital information, or should our digital and personal privacy be protected? Leading experts came together to present a debate-style discussion with questions posed by panelists, as well as the audience.

In one example, participants debated over enacting new laws requiring technology providers to give government investigators access to criminal suspects’ digital information, or if such measures are unnecessary, unconstitutional, and present broader security risks.

While modern digital technology provides immense benefits in terms of information, livelihoods, and productivity, it also provides the tools and opportunity to be under constant digital surveillance.

This year’s Forum provoked deep discussion and reflection on the ethics of digital privacy. After closing arguments were heard, moderator Bud Colligan asked audience members for their assessment. A clear majority concluded that privacy laws should extend into the digital realm and that individuals’ digital rights should remain protected.

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