Extended Education and International Programs

Winter at CSUMB

How to register

Registration procedures

  • If you are unfamiliar with this process, see instructions below:

    Step 1 - Select your Class(es)

    • Look at the class schedule and select the classes you want.
    • Obtain a permission number from the class instructor, if required.

    Step 2 - Meet with your Advisor

    • Meet with an advisor to ensure that your Winter plan will help you achieve your academic goals.

    Step 3 - Check for Account Holds

    • Check your OASIS dashboard and make sure you don't have any holds on your account. If you do, clear the holds before attempting to register.

    Step 4 - Register in OASIS

    • Use your OASIS Student Dashboard to add classes.

    Step 5 - Make your Payment in OASIS

    • Make your payment(s) in OASIS before the Payment Due date and avoid disenrollment for non-payment.

    Need more help? You'll find detailed instructions and videos about how to use the OASIS Student Center or contact Extended Education at extended@csumb.edu or 831-582-4500.

  • Follow the Open University registration process.