Extended Education and International Programs

Open University

Registration and fees


  1. View Important Dates to see when class schedules are published and when registration begins
  2. Select your class(es) from the CSUMB Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer Class Schedule
  3. Obtain the instructor’s approval using any of the following methods: 
    1. Permission number given to you by an instructor, advisor, or department
    2. An email approval from the instructor attached as a PDF
    3. Physical or electronic signature on the Open University & Special Session Instructor Approval Signature Form  attached as a PDF. 
  4. Register after you have all class approvals, fill out the online Open University and Special Session Registration Form
    1. If you are a past CSUMB student log in with your Otter ID and password here
    2. If you are a new student or are unable to login, please follow this link to create a new account.
  5. After submitted, allow 3-4 business days for our office to process your enrollment request 
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from extended@csumb.edu with further instructions, after your registration has been processed. 
  7. Once you gain access to your account, you have 4 business days to make your payment online in OASIS (failure to make your payment in time will result in disenrollment)


The registration fee is $280* per unit plus a $39 per semester campus fee and any additional course or lab fees (if applicable). This fee applies to everyone, whether or not you are a California resident.

*Starting Fall 2024, the registration fee will change to $300 per unit; the campus fee will remain the same.