College of Science

Student Opportunities

Prospective Graduate Students

I am happy to advise M.S. students enrolled in either the Thesis or Professional Science Master's Option within the Applied Marine and Watershed Science (AMWS) graduate program at CSUMB. If you are considering applying for the thesis option in my lab, please contact me by e-mail and include a basic statement of your interests and a CV that includes your GPA and GRE scores. The deadline for applying to the graduate program in AMWS is February 15 of each year. Therefore, I recommend visiting the CSUMB campus sometime during the Fall semester or Winter break to decide if my lab and the AMWS program at CSUMB are a suitable fit for you.

CSUMB Undergraduate Researches

I invite undergraduates in both the Biology major and Environmental Science, Technology & Policy major to get involved in the Watershed Ecology research conducted in my lab. Most undergraduates in my lab are supported through UROC, but other funded or volunteer opportunities may be available.