College of Science


Graduate Students

Mikaela Bogdan


  • Dry Streams in Salinas Valley

Eric Walmsley


  • Spacial Analysis of the Watershed with Cal Fire

Undergraduate Students

Natalie Vaughn

Research Associates

Anna Holder, M.S.



Maggie McCann, M.S.



  • An Environmental Scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in the unit Cannabis and Instream Flow working to develop a monitoring program to assess the effect of cannabis cultivation on the environment

Graduate Students

Tiffanee Hutton

  • California Inland Trout Restoration Program Manager for the Trout Unlimited company. She works on identifying, planning and implementing their inland program focusing on wild and native trout conservation across the Sierra Nevada.
  • She manages all steps of a restoration project including the initial scoping phase, identifying and securing funding, planning/permitting individual projects (NEPA & CEQA compliance and all pertinent federal, state and county permits), and overseeing contractors through design and implementation.
  • Trout Unlimited Website

Michael Andrews

  • An Environmental Scientist specializing in water quality for TetraTech in Santa Maria.

Matt Robinson

Arev Markarian

Jessie Doyle

  • A ORISE Research Fellow c/o US EPA (Corvallis, OR) modeling observed-to-expected (O/E) taxonomic richness for several thousand rivers and streams using the National Aquatic Resource Survey (NARS) and the USEPA StreamCat datasets.
  • For more information here is a recent presentation

Undergraduate Students

Chris Terry

Franco Sanchez

Trevor Masters

Haley Unmacht

  • Currently a Consulting Utility Forester with the company ACRT Pacific. She walks PG&E transmission lines, identifying hazard trees, and prescribing them to be trimmed or removed.

Emma Hanes

Megan Rodenbeck

  • Currently a student in the Science Illustration program at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Abigail Rivera

Nina Zimmermann

Madi Ono