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Global Studies BA

Globalization is a “widening, deepening and speeding up of interconnectedness in all aspects of contemporary social life from the cultural to the criminal, the financial to the spiritual.”
David Held, political theorist

What does it mean to be a global citizen in the 21st century?

We live in an interdependent world where cultural, economic, media and population flows intersect. In Global Studies, you will study the shifting meanings of globalization in the 21st century, and how you can prepare for active, responsible, and creative leadership in our increasingly globalized society.

The Global Studies curriculum provides the experience, knowledge and skills for successful careers related to global affairs. You will develop your knowledge of U.S. foreign policy and world history; you will encounter diverse world views and ideologies. You will analyze global social, economic and political problems - humanitarian crises, environmental sustainability, the political economy, religious conflict and women's rights. You will be challenged to consider new options for our complex global problems.

Our alumni want to change the world. They have joined the Peace Corps, attended the World Social Forum, are labor organizers, and activists for migrant rights, and food sovereignty. They have worked in presidential and congressional campaigns, are political consultants, environmental lobbyists, and staff in city, state, and federal government. They are teachers in the California schools and consultants in international education. They have worked with NGOs in Bosnia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, and Jordan.

An Introduction to Global Studies

What Can You Do with a Global Studies Degree?

Global Studies Career Planning Document
This document outlines a number of career and internship related resources and opportunities available to GS students.