College of Science

Department of Science Illustration

Ann Caudle

Ann Caudle is the Science Illustration Program Director. A lifelong passion for combining art and science led to a freelance career in natural science illustration. Since 1983, she has been the primary color illustrator for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, creating hundreds of images of fish, shorebirds, marine mammals, invertebrates, marine algae, shore plants, habitats, and human models. Her work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC; Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA; and National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC.

Amadeo Bachar

Amadeo Bachar is an Instructor and teaches Advanced Techniques in Color Science Illustration. His passion for scientific illustration and the marine environment can be traced back to an old dusty copy of Audubon’s birds that sat by the fireplace as well as  a rich family tradition of fishing and coastal gathering that has surrounded him his whole life. He studied studio art at College of Creative Studies UCSB and Cabrillo College prior to pursuing a degree in Marine Biology from UCSC. Amadeo has published work with National Geographic, United Nations, Scientific American, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, MBARI, American Cancer Society, NOAA, USGS among others. He currently he runs a successful illustration studio in Aptos, CA, while instructing scientific illustration part time at CSUMB. 

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Illustration in progress of a fish head in watercolor with pencil and eraser.

Illustration by Amadeo Bachar


Andrea Dingeldein

Andrea Dingeldein teaches Field Sketching, Design of Graphics for Motion, Print, and Web, and Botanical Illustration. Her academic background includes degrees in studio art and marine biology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She earned her M.S. degree studying larval coral reef fish behavior in the Caribbean, and she has been a certified diver since the age of 12. Her passion for the ocean and its inhabitants is evident in her work as a freelance illustrator: she partners with scientists, environmental organizations, and recreation businesses to highlight the incredible diversity of life in the Monterey Bay area and around beyond. Clients Include: Science Magazine, Friday Harbor Laboratories (University of Washington), Hopkins Marine Station (Stanford University), California State Parks, California Sea Grant, Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust, Western Flyer Foundation

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A watercolor painting of the Carmel River Lagoon showing an overcast sky, distant mountains, and sandy shore.

Illustration by Andrea Dingeldein


Reid Psaltis

Reid Psaltis is an Instructor and teaches Intro to Science Illustration, Applied Techniques, Zoological Illustration and Professional Practices. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Reid Psaltis enjoys making work that expands boundaries of what is typically considered science illustration. With experience in comics, exhibits sculpture, murals and branding, he’s made work for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the American Museum of Natural History and the National Parks Service, and is the author of the graphic novel ‘Kingdom/Order.’

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Illustration or tetrapod evolution. 385 million years ago fish began to transition into amphibians. Creatures like Eusthenopteron and Panderichthys (left) had both lungs and gills, as well as finned limbs, both adaptations that enabled them to navigate shallow, debris filled, oxygen-poor water.

Illustration by Reid Psaltis


Justine Lee Hirten

Justine Lee Hirten is an Instructor and teaches Special Topics in Science Illustration, Introduction to Digital Media, Science Illustration in Color, and Applied Integration in Digital Media. Since 2010 they have specialized in the study of animal morphology while working as a wildlife rehabilitator and freelance science illustrator.

Illustration of a song sparrow

Illustration by Justine Lee Hirten