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SNS's newest faculty member, Dr. John Olson, publishes new paper examining the effect of total dissolved solids on stream macroinvertebrates

Dr. John Olson

Dr. John Olson’s newest paper, published in the journal Freshwater Biology, examines the effect of total dissolved solids (TDS, a measure of stream salinity) on macroinvertebrates. In a field experiment, carried out in Piermont Creek, Nevada, Dr. Olson and his team measured how growth, mortality, and emergence of 13 species of aquatic invertebrates changed with increasing TDS. He then modeled how aquatic invertebrate responses to TDS concentrations can predict their occurrence in different streams. This research contributes to our understanding of how natural and human-driven changes in salinity impact the health of the river’s inhabitants and has important implications for the management of fresh water resources. Dr. John Olson is one of our newest faculty members in the School of Natural Sciences. His research focuses on freshwater ecology, water quality, and bioassessment. He is currently teaching Aquatic Ecology, Capstone Seminar, and an Ecology Lab