College of Science

SNS Alumna featured as a Face of Yuba Water Agency

September 17, 2018

Kaitlyn Chow, alumna of the ESTP and AMWS programs at CSUMB, now serves as a hydrographer for Yuba Water Agency in Marysville, CA.

Kaitlyn and her colleague track water levels in the Yuba River, nearby canals, precipitation and reservoirs. Their work reduces the risk of flooding for people and property and safeguards water availability for fish and wildlife in the Yuba Watershed. In addition, their efforts help to provide adequate water for human consumption.

Reflecting on her experience as an undergraduate and graduate student at CSUMB, Kaitlyn recalls "my time at CSUMB helped me diversify my skills and techniques to learn quickly at my new job. The classes that CSUMB offered were vital in the qualifications for my dream job, but what really helped was the on-the-job training that I was fortunate enough to receive from my work in Dr. Smith’s lab, internships, and part-time jobs."

Get to know Kaitlyn, and learn more about what it takes to manage and collect much of Yuba County's hydrologic data by checking out the Faces of Yuba Water.