College of Science

SNS Adjunct Research Faculty member recognized as a World-Changing Woman in Conscious Business

January 25, 2019

Photo by Staci Giovino

Dr. Melissa Garren, an adjunct research faculty member within the School of Natural Sciences (SNS), was recently featured on Conscious Company Media as one of the 35 World Changing Women in Conscious Business.

As a marine biologist, she specializes in the intersection of marine conservation and technology. Her background includes expansive experience in bringing together local communities and diverse groups of stakeholders to spark positive change in regards to sustainable fisheries and nearshore water quality.

Dr. Garren currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Scientist at Pelagic Data Systems. In 2014, she helped found Pelagic Data Systems to address the complex challenges coastal communities encounter when it comes to food scarcity and the sustainability of fisheries.

Pelagic Data Systems is paving the way for advanced vessel tracking by utilizing custom-made technology and data analytics in an accessible, affordable package. This provides a powerful solution for 95 percent of global fishing vessels, who do not have the means to access data collecting platforms.

As part of this feature on Conscious Company Media, Dr. Garren offered some valuable leadership insight:

Flexibility, adaptability, and compassion will always be your allies when figuring out what the right face of leadership is for you in any given moment. If you give the moment your undivided attention and are fully present, the answers to the question, ‘What should my strategy be here?’ will come much more swiftly.

Pelagic Data System's technology recently won the National Geographic Marine Protection Prize and has been deployed in hundreds of communities across 30 countries.

Congratulations on this remarkable recognition, Dr. Melissa Garren!