College of Science

Prof. Judith Canner speaks on the importance of data visualization at the first Virtual Wine with a Scientist event

This summer, the College of Science hosted its first Virtual Wine with a Scientist event. Although this most recent instalment in the Wine with a Scientist series followed a new virtual format, the goal of the series remains the same: to provide members of the community the opportunity to become better acquainted with the College of Science in an interactive setting and to highlight faculty research, student success, and College programs.

In the first virtual event of the series, Dr. Judith Canner, a Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics discussed practical ways to evaluate data visualizations and how to become a better consumer of information. Her talk, Visualizing the Virus: Evaluating Evidence in the COVID Era, explored visualizations from the current Covid-19 pandemic while explaining how we, the public, can learn to “sort through the noise”.

Following her talk at the Virtual Wine with a Scientist, Dr. Canner spoke further about the importance of understanding data in the COVID Era in an interview with KAZU’s Erika Mahoney. To listen to a recording or read a transcript of the radio interview, visit KAZU's website.