College of Science

Field Notes from the Water Quality Research Course this Spring 2017

March 2017 - Students in the ENVS 195 class participate in current and ongoing water quality research being performed by CSUMB student researchers under the supervision and with the assistance of faculty. Students are exposed to and participate on projects such as the water quality of the Salinas River and Tembladero Slough, water quality of the Elkhorn Slough, water quality of rivers and streams in southern Monterey County after the Soberanes Fire, water quality of Ephemeral Ponds on Carmel Beach, and remediation of agricultural effluent with bioreactors. Students test for dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, turbidity, nitrates, phosphates, and perform fecal coliform bacterial counts. Students participate in this research, as well as work with CSUMB student researchers on the preparation of technical reports, presentations, and posters detailing the research for delivery to interested parties and stakeholders.