College of Science

Environmental Science M.S. Student Completes KQED Summer Internship

Jazmine Mejia-Muñoz, a graduate student in the Environmental Science Master's of Science Program at CSUMB, was this year’s recipient of the CSUMB-KQED Scholarship in Science Media Communication. The internship was funded by the Fuhs Family Foundation Fund through Community Foundation for Monterey County. As the recipient of this scholarship, Jazmine had the opportunity to participate in a paid summer internship in science communication at KQED Public Media in San Francisco.

During her internship at KQED, Jazmine wrote many articles including: “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is a Toxic Soup”, “18 GPS Garbage Trackers. One Lone Ship. 40 Tons Out of the Ocean. Proof of Concept.” and “Hey Siri, ‘How Do I Foster a Science-Minded Household’”. When asked about her experience at KQED this summer, Jazmine said this: “In the process of creating new content, I reviewed current primary literature and connected the science to both policy and the audience’s interests. This analytical skill is key in the practice of international environmental law”.

Jazmine hopes to pursue a career in international environmental law and is looking forward to applying the written and verbal communication skills she gained during her time at KQED to her future professional practices. She believes that science communication is key to informing and communicating with politicians, stakeholders, and the general public. Congratulations Jazmine on a successful summer!