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CSUMB Sustainable City Year Program students present to the Seaside city council

On November 1, 2018 students from Professor Daniel Fernandez's class -- Sara Bricker, Eessa Vanderspek, and Alexander Wallach -- presented a summary of their CSUMB Sustainable City Year Program projects to the Seaside City Council in order to solicit feedback from the Seaside community that was in attendance at the meeting.

Bricker was the first to present her project created in partnership with fellow CSUMB students Fady Ellaham, Dallas Perriera, and Roman Puppo. Professor Fernandez explained, "...they are working closely with Seaside City staff to integrate ideas on biophilic design, complete streets, and green buildings to make the area of Seaside more appealing and more environmentally friendly."

The group has acquired input from the public at City Council meetings, and has worked closely with City Staff within the City of Seaside, including the City's Economic Development Manager and City Engineer on how to best communicate and integrate their ideas.

Vanderspek and Wallach's project was also in collaboration with fellow students - Jessica Laufer and Blanche Duanne. Their project consists of tracking existing community fruit trees and determining means to encourage planting them on public and private lands in the City of Seaside. The hope is to eventually create more available fruit for sharing within the community. They are working with a City staff member and with the City's Environmental Commission, who are trying to encourage such practices where feasible.

These are two of five projects that are being done in Professor Fernandez's Environmental Studies capstone class in partnership with the City of Seaside. Congratulations to Alexander, Eessa, Sara, and Professor Fernandez on their work within the City of Seaside and the positive environmental changes they are working toward!

Alexander Wallach and Eessa Vanderspek share a summary of their project with the Seaside City Council.

Sara Bricker provides a summary of her project with Seaside City Council members.