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Into A Canyon Deep: A Novel By James Lindholm

Peer-reviewed articles and textbooks appear to be only the surface of James Lindholm’s writing practices. As the James W. Rote Distinguished Professor of Marine Science and Policy, and Director of the Institute for Applied Marine Ecology here at CSUMB, he has inspired many students, and helped them reach their goals in the Marine Science field. Now, he’s written an adventure novel! Described by its author as an adventure/ thriller against a backdrop of marine science, Into A Canyon Deep promises to entertain as well as enlighten. Readers will venture into the sea with Dr. Chris Black, and his long-time friend Mac Johnson, on their exhilarating encounters below the waves. Mac Johnson harbors many skills from his time as a Navy seal, and he’s destined to use them as the story builds. Dr. Chris Black on the other hand, serves the duo with his vast knowledge of the oceans. Both impressive skill sets could never prepare them for what is to come. Set locally in Carmel, the novel is sure to stir how you think of what may lie beneath those seemingly peaceful waves that reflect the sunset so beautifully. Congratulations on your first novel James Lindholm. We’re hooked, and can’t wait to get reading!