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Associate Professor embarks on scientific adventure with family in the Galápagos Islands

February 25, 2019

Dr. Cheryl Logan taking coral samples
Dr. Cheryl Logan in her lab

Dr. Cheryl Logan, Associate Professor in the School of Natural Sciences, recently embarked on the research trip of a lifetime to Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands - with her family in tow. Dr. Logan and her husband, Dr. Salvador Jorgensen, were both awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship in March 2018 to conduct research in the Galápagos.

Both researchers decided to use this opportunity to bring their young children along, immersing them in a new culture and language while they execute their research.

Dr. Logan is spending her time in the Galápagos Islands conducting research on the hardy coral species found within healthy reefs throughout the islands. Using student-built systems, she plans to subject healthy coral samples to different temperatures to identify their threshold point.

“If we can identify corals that are able to survive in really harsh environments…it can help us potentially reseed other locations where corals are not as strong, and where we may have more coral die offs, if it comes to it,” Logan says.

To read more about her research, check out their recent highlight article in the Monterey Herald.