College of Science

Associate Professor Contributes to National Academy of Sciences Reports on Coral Reef Persistence

June 21, 2019

Dr. Cheryl Logan, Associate Professor at CSUMB, has spent the past year and a half serving as 1 of 12 international members on a National Academy of Sciences committee researching interventions to increase coral reef persistence in the face of climate change. Of the 12 committee members, Dr. Logan was the only CSU faculty member chosen to serve on this committee.

Coral reefs play an integral role in human communities, yet are one of the world’s most threatened ecosystems due to human-driven climate change. With increased observations of coral bleaching and disease across the globe, it is highly important for researchers to collaborate on determining the most effective methods to mitigate these impacts. The National Academy of Sciences recently released two reports that aim to do just that.

The first report dives into the 23 different interventions that may help coral communities bounce back from widespread decline. The second report then applies these interventions towards describing how, when, and where to administer them. Both reports are aimed at providing ecosystem managers with the necessary tools to address coral reef persistence on a local scale.

The National Academy of Sciences reports can be accessed and downloaded for free by clicking on their titles below.

To learn more, check out the committee’s video on Coral Resilience: Interventions to Save Coral Reefs and the Coral Report Release webcast.